Super Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Super Auto Eyebrow Pencil


Product Details : size:10mm*150mm material:ABS Product features: Double-headed design, waterproof and sweat-proof, smooth drawing Natural color, soft eyebrows, solid makeup. A three-head design can easily solve the thrush problem Carbon refill, easy to sketch the ideal eyebrow shape. Air cushion...





Product Details:



We specialize in the production of a variety of cosmetic packaging, welcome to the major cosmetics industry companies to come to inquiry.

This product is eyebrow pencil empty bar packaging material / this eyebrow pencil material is ABS, is our latest research and development product, quality assurance, this eyebrow pencil is a three-in-one eyebrow pencil, the function is double-head automatic rotation, the rotation feels very comfortable . Customizable OEM can print a variety of LOGO and custom eyebrow refill colors. The packaging is placed on the foam pressing board, which greatly protects the surface of the product and avoids the problem of surface scratching.

The benefits of 3 in 1 eyebrow pencil packaging:

Double-headed design, divided into eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder sponge head and eyebrow brush.

A three-head design can easily solve the thrush problem.

  1. Carbon refill, easy to sketch the ideal eyebrow shape.

  2. Air cushion eyebrow powder, fine powder, filling the gap between the eyebrows to complete the beautiful and moving makeup

  3. Shape the eyebrow brush, and groom the makeup before makeup.

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