2 in 1 Eyebrow & Eyeliner Pencil,using method

Firstly, draw the outline of the eyebrow gently, creating the brow shape as you want
Secondly, stroke the blotter along your brow line
Thirdly, fill in the spots that aren't covered with the pencil in an upward motion to achieve the natural look
Finally, fine tune everything by using the brush to make the entire look more natural

Product Features
professional eyebrow cosmetics tool.
Several strokes to complete eyebrow makeup. No much differences with permanent eyebrows or semi permanent eyebrows actually.
Handle the private life and career life well even without eyebrow tattoo.
Disorderly eyebrows? After use eyebrow tweezers, make the use of the eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush and then eyebrow powder to stand out your eyebrow makeup look.
Best eye makeup for its five classical colors to match different hair colors and skin colors. And the light coffee definitely can be used as light brown, the coffee can be used as dark brown, great makeup pen for brown or blue eyes. Excellent blonde eyebrow pencil.
Long lasting, waterproof, natural and automatic. Indispensable eyebrow liner, eyebrow definer and corrector for make up friend. A great benefit in life.
Sweet gift for your best friends and beloved person.

The eyebrow powder basically exists in the tube of the eyebrow brush end. Unscrew the eyebrow brush end repeatedly to get the enough powder so that it can be blended in well.