About the selection of eyebrow pencil

May 29, 2020

At present, eyebrow pencils on the market are generally hard refills, and then the shape of the pen tip will change, such as duckbill, triangle, pencil, round and so on.

Refill is duckbill

It is a flat shape. In this way, the angle of the eyebrow pencil can be changed to draw strokes of different thicknesses. For example, the widest contact can draw the thickest strokes, and the narrow surface contact can draw the thinnest strokes. The change is very easy to make.

Triangle refill

The refills of many rotating eyebrow pencils on the market are all three-dimensional triangles. The tip of this pen can depict individual eyebrows, and the three different lengths can also depict lines with different thicknesses. It can be grasped at will, and the refill will not change the original triangle shape even if it naturally wears out during use.

Pencil refill

The pencil-shaped refill is a pencil-shaped pointed tip. Generally, wooden refills are sharpened with a pen sharpener to form a pointed eyebrow pencil. Because of this thin refill, it can well describe the clear eyebrows. It is suitable for detailed description, but if the whole is painted, the effect may not be as natural as the first two.

When choosing eyebrow powder, you should choose according to the color of your hair. Choosing eyebrow powder close to hair color will look more natural!

Also, the powder of the eyebrow powder should be smooth and delicate, so that the coloring is easier! A good eyebrow powder will definitely not be difficult to color, and also has a certain anti-sweat and waterproof function!