Buy eye shadow tips

Tip # 1

When you get out, bag do you think buy the most successful-ever eye shadow on.

Reason: give yourself a "model", which will let you choose reference, then buy one that doesn't have to be exactly like you, a bit differently as well.

Tip # 2

Has a lot of small pieces of color eye shadow box would be an excellent choice.

Reason: it has become a craze in cosmetics brand in the design eye shadow in order to select eye shadow like you always make certain people can have as many attempts, there is always one is suitable for you, then the task much easier.

Tip # 3

Do not ever buy one and you like eye color eye shadow.

Reason: only compare, will make your eyes look more spirited.

A good eye shadow makeup as a whole adds a charm. In contrast, a right eye shadow, will make the whole makeup away. So, how to choose eye shadow? The following recommended several methods of purchase eye shadow.

• When selecting eye shadow can't always also MM, there are many small pieces of color eye shadow box would be an excellent choice, lets you have a lot of attempts.

• Check the eye shadow color "wipe out" and the "looks" colors are the same. Bad eye shadow often appears to be full color, wipe out to downplay this eye shadow makeup effect not lasting and double eyelid open ugly "powder marks."

• Before you choose eye shadow colors, any of the brands first several eye shadow color on the back base, try to use their existing eyeliner drawn up, preferably easy to paint, not slipping, or the brand of eye shadow you can worry about. Buy eyeliner as you want to try on your own eye shadow.

Continues to introduce new eyeshadow products, continuing several season's smoky eye makeup, which makes you feel, a beautiful eye makeup, not only has color finishing touch to each other, with each season a different selection, also popular with trendy charms! In fact, although on the whole makeup, eye makeup is the most impressive and most personal style, but also the most difficult to describe and manage place.

In General, the shadow's primary role is to give the eye the icing, and color, and gets across the face of the Mei and moving. so, whether in color or texture, in terms of use, select eye shadow, is an important step.