Chinese woman uses eye shadow

Aug 15, 2016

Pupil: Chinese people's eyes are dark brown, and brown or red. Green and Red are contrasting colors in the color, so "green" is very fit for Chinese, would be natural, fresh and to apply.

Skin color and personality: Chinese comparison of the colour yellow, pale pink, pale orange, pink and purple, beige is the color is very fit for Chinese, colors not only make yellow colour in a very healthy and beautiful. Combined with our Chinese women's personalities are more gentle and subtle, more natural color is more suitable.

Clothing and age we choose eye shadow colors is to pay attention to the part:

Clothing: eye shadow colors need to match different dress styles and colors. So will look more coordinated, comfortable.

Ages: young is the cost, you can use any color according to personal grooming. But a mature woman should avoid colors that will make us look haggard, if avoiding using a Brown, dark blue, dark green, and other colors. And make the skin healthy, young colors such as orange, pink, pale red berries are the best choice.

Choose eye shadow

Cream eye shadow: cream makeup eye shadow in pop in recent years, can achieve a transparent shiny, natural makeup, easy to carry, easy to apply. But the disadvantage is that is easy to take off makeup, suitable for normal to dry skin.

When you use cream eye shadow must be dominated by small, do not apply excess, excess eyeshadow will be stacked in double eyelid folds. Double eyelid people in a very short time you will find double eyelid creases appear stacked, makeup show the dirt. If heavy use on eye wrinkles, eye lines will become apparent within a short time.

Eye shadow powder: powder eye shadow in the cosmetics market, relatively common, can make makeup last, easy to be colored, dry, suitable for normal to oily skin.

Matt texture for natural looking results, puffy eyes more suited.

Subtle Pearlescent texture suitable for any skin, silky and easy to apply, subtle shimmer makes the eyes look more beautiful.

Metal shiny texture is trendy party favor, this eye shadow texture more popular. Eye puffiness, be careful when you apply!