Compare liquid with solid eyeliner pencil

Emulsion eyeliner has strong performance, it is not easy to fall off after coloring, and the drawing lines are also smooth. However, because the thickness of the pen tip is limited, the thickness of the drawn line is not easy to change, so use this type of eyeliner pen, you should prepare a set of replaceable tip, so that you can not only describe detailed, smooth lines, but also can describe Thick soft lines.


Because the lines drawn by this type of eyeliner are adequately colored, you can also use your fingers to lightly stun the painted lines for eye shadow. This is quick and harmonious and natural. The pencil-type eyeliner is convenient to use and carry, and the price is relatively low. It is a portable material for ordinary working women. However, its performance is weak, it is easy to fall off after coloring, and it is suitable for use in short-term makeup. It is one of the tools you can use to make up your makeup at work and in your daily life. Because this type of eyeliner is elegant and soft, it can be described repeatedly, so it is very suitable for beginners to draw eye liners. You don't destroy a well-made face makeup because of a mistake. This type of eyeliner gives you the opportunity to make mistakes. The lines drawn by the eyeliner can be thick or thin, and the color can be thick or light. It is also the ideal choice for girls who like makeup. If you want to color thicker eyeliner, you can do more than a few strokes.

 According to our oriental skin color and eye color, dark gray and dark brown eyeliner is the best choice. If your face is dark or yellow, you should choose a dark grey eyeliner to make your eyes more prominent; if your face is healthy pink or white, choose a dark brown eyeliner to make your The eyes look very attractive and full of charm.