Concealer pencil

The main function

The Super Magic Concealer pencil created for perfection has excellent hiding power for difficult to modify blemishes, scars, spots, and fine lines. It has a special and lasting formula, soft texture, self-colored shade, and can maintain perfection for a long time. Makeup, no matter when and where you make you distribute beautiful assets, experience the perfect magic!

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When using it, first place the concealer pencil in the spot (note that the weight can not be too much), then use your finger to gently shoot in this position, so that the concealer and the surrounding skin color as close as possible.

1. Select a concealer pencil that is similar to or slightly brighter in color.

2, can use the concealer pencil directly on the skin, you can also use a small brush, or ring finger to remove the point on the skin.

3, then use the ring finger to gently lighten the concealer, as far as possible to the edge and the surrounding skin of the joint evenly.

The concealer pencil can help you to get rid of some small spots if you don't use any cosmetics, but you shouldn't get rid of it.