Concealer pencil

the difference

1 Concealer can solve your problem but it only covers it. It's not a cover but a dilute.

2 Concealer pencils are for small areas such as small acne;

3 Concealer is needed when covering a large area, because the concealer is strong and moisturizing. The concealer is very difficult to achieve this effect. But the concealer can make the concealer work finer.

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Young crush usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of their own skin, wait until the freckles, acne, dark circles began to complain when, in fact, young, the skin should be properly maintained. In addition, perfect make-up is also necessary because it can make up for the defects of the skin, concealer pencils can bring about such a magical change.

1. Apply a foundation on your face.

2. Gently apply the concealer to the freckled area.

3. Then use a makeup brush to brush off the concealer.

4. The perfect concealer finishes here.