Eyebrow pencil waterproof method

Aug 15, 2018

In fact, we all hope that we can have a brow shape that suits us. The eyebrow shape is actually very important to our five senses. The shape of the eyebrows determines the image we give to others in part. If you want a brow that suits you, you need to use a make-up product such as eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil is a very common makeup product that makes our eyebrows more versatile. However, many eyebrow pencil manufacturers are not waterproof, so how can the eyebrow pencil be waterproof? Eyebrow pencil manufacturers answer the eyebrow pencil waterproof method Let you have a beautiful makeup.

First, how can the eyebrow pencil be waterproof?

In fact, many eyebrow pencils produced by our eyebrow pencil manufacturers are not waterproof. This is because the eyebrow pencil contains a lot of carbon materials, and these carbon materials will decompose after encountering water. Of course, it is not that we have no way to make the eyebrow pencil waterproof. If you want the eyebrow pencil to have waterproof effect, it is recommended that you spread the loose powder on the eyebrow pencil. The loose powder has a fixed makeup effect, so the loose powder can make the eyebrow pencil have waterproof effect.

Second, use the eyebrow brush to make the eyebrows waterproof

In fact, many of our eyebrow pencil manufacturers produce eyebrow pencils, no matter how simple this is. The eyebrow brush actually has a great effect, not only can make the eyebrow powder on our eyebrows more uniform, but also make our eyebrow shape more stereotyped, of course, it can also play a waterproof role.

Of course, if the eyebrow pencil produced by our eyebrow pencil manufacturer is not so good, then we can make the eyebrow shape more fixed by applying the makeup powder on the eyebrows. The makeup powder can also play a waterproof role in part. . Therefore, we can also apply a proper amount of makeup powder after using the eyebrow pencil to waterproof.