Eyeliner and eyeliner which is easy to use

1,Eyeliner, many novices find it difficult to use, often avoid it, in fact, because you do not fully understand the type of eyeliner, in general, there are two kinds of soft and soft head liner, soft head comparison Difficult to grasp, not suitable for beginners, so it is best to use hard-line eyeliner to use.

2,Eyeliner, the entry seems to be relatively low, but the eyeliner is very easy to use bald, and the color is not deep liquid eyeliner, lines are relatively thick, can not pull out a special fine eyeliner. It is more suitable to not pay attention to the delicate degree of the eyeliner or to smear the lower eyeliner.

3,Therefore, it is recommended that novices can buy an eyeliner and an eyeliner. After they get their hands, they actually use it to see which one is more suitable for themselves. This is the most practical and feasible way.

4,When purchasing eyeliner and eyeliner, be sure to pay attention to the purchase of waterproof smudge, otherwise it is easy to spend, causing some problems in makeup, into a panda eyes.

5,Eyeliner is not recommended for novices to buy, it is difficult to get started, requires many drills, and eyeliner is also more suitable for painting thicker eyeliner, or stage equipment, life, with a finer eyeliner or eyeliner on the line.