Eyeliner and eyeliner which is easy to use

  1. Use difficulty comparison:

    Eyeliner is more difficult to compare with eyeliner and eyeliner. This is because the eyeliner is not easy to smudge, do not agree with the amendment. Therefore, it is best to use a liquid eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, and you need to hone your skills.

  2. Comparison of actual makeup effects:

    The eyeliner makeup effect is even longer lasting, less prone to smudge, and the color is darker. Compared with the eyeliner, the makeup effect drawn by the eyeliner is not natural and it is difficult to blend with the eye shadow.

  3. Comparison of the two controls:

    Hardheaded eyeliner is more difficult to grasp, so it is recommended that make-up beginners can consider the eyeliner and soft-head liner liquid pen.

  The liner of the eyeliner pen strokes is bright and colorful, and it is not easy to remove makeup. When it is used, the pen strokes smoothly. Even more prominent is that most eyeliner pens are relatively thin, and it is difficult to control the thickness of the lines of the eyeliner. If you want to use eyeliner, make-up beginners are suitable for hard-headed eyeliner because they are easier to master. What needs to be reminded is that the liquid eyeliner can't draw the smoke effect, and it can't do the layering of blooming. Therefore, the liquid eyeliner is suitable for people with general makeup levels. Eyeliner Stroke eyeliner, similar in appearance to a pencil, can use a pencil sharpener or a knife to cut off excess wood. Compared to liquid eyeliner, eyeliner is easy to color, color is easy to control, easy to blooming. In general, make-up for beginners is suitable for eyeliner eyeliner because the refills of the eyeliner are soft and do not damage the delicate skin.