First-class sweaty eyebrow makeup is spent? You lack liquid eyebrow pencil

Jun 03, 2020

Although the liquid eyebrow pencil is not a new makeup product, most girls will still use the refill-type eyebrow pencil as the main eyebrow, and create a natural eyebrow makeup with eyebrow powder. But in the face of the high temperatures that make people collapse in summer, no matter how perfect the eyebrow makeup is, it is easy to replace it with sweat.

At this time, the liquid eyebrow pencil will become the best choice for MMs to resist makeup removal in summer.

The liquid eyebrow pencil is like the sharp line of the eyeliner, which can protrude the natural hair flow carefully, and also has stronger protection against sebum and sweat. Coupled with the aid of eyebrow powder, its practical liquid eyebrow pencil can also draw sharp eyebrow shape and natural makeup!