Four tips for drawing eyeliner to make eyeliner last longer in summer

Jul 29, 2020

The weather is getting hotter and the oil on the face is getting more and more serious. Even the eyes that don't get very oily are beginning to follow suit. This makes the eyeliner a bit embarrassing. It is a beautiful line when I go out in the morning, but in the afternoon, it becomes panda eyes. How to draw eyeliner in summer is more durable. Learn these 4 skills.

Tip 1: Clean your eyelids

When drawing eyeliner, the skin around the eyes must be clean, especially the eyelids. Do not wash it directly with water. It is best to use a mild and non-irritating cotton pad dipped in clean and non-irritating lotion for cleaning.

Technique 2: Eye cream primer

In order to prevent sweating and oiliness, the skin around the eyelids can be used as a primer, so that when you draw the eyeliner, you will not feel dry and the skin of the eyelid will be more conformable, and the eyeliner will look bright and fresh.

Technique 3: Eyeshadow base

After applying the eye cream, drawing eyeliner on the eyelid will be more refreshing and beautiful. Here you can use a layer of eye shadow as a primer, apply it in a layered manner, and gently apply it so that the eyeliner will look more natural and soft.

Tip 4: Loose powder setting

The drawn eyeliner is easy to smudge on the upper side when blinking, so the eyeliner is the easiest to smudge in this case, so you can use powder here, and gently pour the powder on the eyeliner. A thin layer will do. Performing this step when finishing the overall eye makeup can keep the eyeliner makeup fresh and lasting.