Ho Chi Minh City International Beauty Salon Exhibition

Market analysis

The Republic of Vietnam is located in the peninsula of Southeast Asia and is a developing country. In the more than 20 years since its implementation of reform and opening up, Vietnam’s economy has maintained a relatively rapid growth rate, its economic aggregate has continued to expand, and its level of opening to the outside world has continued to increase. In 2006, Vietnam formally joined the WTO and successfully held the APEC Leaders' Informal Meeting. Vietnam has trade relations with more than 150 countries and regions in the world. China is one of the major trading nations in Vietnam. "Beauty Cosmetics Economy" is becoming the "fifth major consumer hot spot" after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism. In the area of residential consumption, it can be said that the "four dragons and one phoenix" hot spot have begun to form. In view of the rapid economic development and improvement of living standards in Vietnam, the consumer market in Vietnam has been boosted, and various types of cosmetics and beauty products have been steadily rising. Vietnam is located in a subtropical region, with strong sunlight, hot climate, and a large population of women. There is a large demand for skin care products.

In recent years, the Vietnamese beauty industry has gradually invested in improving production technology and equipment, and the beauty market has begun to take shape. However, there are no large-scale professional beauty products manufacturers, cosmetics supermarkets, and professional beauty schools. Most of them are small-scale manufacturers or private stores. A number of international cosmetics brands have entered this market with great development potential, such as the United States Avon (AVON), Gucci (GUCCI), South Korea's LG Group.

Last review

Exhibition area: 40,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 190 exhibitors from 12 different countries

Number of viewers: 13,328

Range of exhibition

1. Beauty products: perfumes, fragrances, makeup and skincare cosmetics, natural beauty products, baby skin care products, hygiene products, BAAs, cosmetic products, cleaning products, professional cosmetics in beauty salons, beauty equipment, SPA products, cosmeceutical products, Essential oil cosmetic gifts, etc.

2. Healthy foods and beverages: natural health products, nutritional health products;

3. Beauty Salon: Professional care products, equipment & salon facilities, salon furniture spa and health facilities;

4. Beauty equipment: SPA equipment, various beauty equipment, beauty and medical equipment, whole, laser, make up, medical aesthetic products and equipment;

5. Packaging and processing equipment: raw materials, nozzles, perfume bottles, lotion bottles, make-up bottles, hoses, etc.;

6. Beauty related product development and design, OEM/ODM;

7. Nail Products: Nail Services, Nail Tools, A Piece, Nail Polish, Foot Care Products;

8. Hair products: hair dryers, hair plywood, hairdressing tools, professional hair care products, equipment and beautician care appliances, wigs, etc.