How is the Concealer Pencil used in the makeup process?

Concealer Pencil cover different places with different ways of use; cover the dark circles or the redness of the nose and the pigmentation of the corners of the mouth, then use the concealer pen before applying the liquid foundation, and cover it with the ring finger. Some concealer can be lightly pressed on the part that needs to be covered.
To cover the acne marks or sputum granules, after using the liquid foundation, use a concealer pen (specially used for concealer pens, the tip is very thin, like a small brush), and the concealer is spotted on the concealer, then Tap to blend the concealer and the color of the foundation next to it.
In addition, after all the makeup is finished, use a loose powder to puff a layer; remember that after the loose powder is puffed, you can't use the concealer or the liquid foundation to re-make it, which will cause makeup and makeup.
Concealer Pencil: Concealer Pencil, as its name suggests, is a kind of beauty tool used to cover the face. The final step of perfect makeup is to cover the pock marks on your face, slight sputum, etc., your face looks Immaculate.