How to apply lipstick

Aug 15, 2016

How to choose lipstick. To choose the right lipstick, is to know for what kind of color, and texture. The thickness and size of the lips, it is key to choose lipstick, more than one lipstick for you, so be good to try to suit your style.

Exfoliating lip. We are scheduled to go to the lips of dead skin, sometimes mouth dry skin should be removed, so use a scrub exfoliating, makeup lip balm 10 minutes before the smear the lip, moist lips and stick to lip balm oil with a paper towel.

Lip hook line. We have to cultivate the good habit of using lip liner, it's not corny or cheesy, one can help us to outline the appropriate profile lets not smear out smear, lipstick can also compare stereo type. If the mouth shape is not good, can be modified or changed little.

Lip peaks. We can see that in fashion, lip peaks are sharp and sexy Red lip charm is more rounded. You should know, lip peaks where little changes will make our style has a lot of changes, but in general higher saturation m lips lipstick is slightly pointed. Nude makeup or more colors, with sleek lines.

Treatment of lower lip. To the lower lip thicker girls, don't be too full of paint is best to use lip liner from the corner of his mouth began to draw the picture, seek to narrow the scope of some lip. Lower lip, thin girls, as far as possible under the lip line a little sketch, make it more full, and can be coated with light oil to the Center, to make it more rich.

Using a paper towel. Want natural lipstick, with tissue paper placed between the upper and lower lips pursed, just fine. Want more lasting lipstick that makes us the best paper towel and dip again, and then apply a. After eating like makeup, under the upper and lower lips with a tissue, absorb excess, then apply.

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