How to choose a suitable eyebrow pencil

Mar 10, 2021

1. Texture

Eyebrow Pencil or eyebrow powder can actually achieve the purpose of thrush. For eyebrow pencil, its hardness and thickness are all chosen according to personal preferences, but eyebrow pencil is directly in contact with our skin, when we choose texture, we must choose soft texture, especially the little sister who is sensitive to skin. We must choose carefully before buying, only eyebrow pencil with soft texture can we draw a beautiful eyebrow without damaging the skin.

2. Coloring

When selecting eyebrow pencil, we must pay attention to whether it is colored. Many people test whether eyebrow pencil is colored by using eyebrow pencil on their hands, but in fact, many eyebrow pencil have no color on their arms, but when I went home to thrush, I found the color was very dark.

The best way is to directly test the color on the eyebrows, and pay attention to that many eyebrow pencil are pro greasy, if you are clean skin with little oily, then eyebrow pencil is not easy to color. The best thing is that we finish the basic skin care and then try the color with eyebrow pencil. This color is the best.

3. Color

There are many colors in eyebrow pencil. Generally speaking, the most common ones are dark coffee, light coffee, light brown, gray coffee color, etc. When selecting eyebrow pencil, we must pay attention to the color, avoid using eyebrow pencil darker than your hair, otherwise the whole face will be too conflicting and disharmonious. For example, if your hair is dark brown, don't choose black eyebrow pencil. You can try to choose some light brown or light coffee.