How to choose lipstick

Aug 15, 2016

Should be based on the age to buy lipstick

Young skin is white, the lipstick color can be a little sharp, such as pink, color lipstick and pink, middle-aged woman, stately colors such as dark red, red should be used.

To purchase should be based on skin color lipstick

① white skinned people, suitable for any shade of lipstick, but the high brightness of variety is the best.

② people with black skin for ochre, dark red low brightness of the color.

③ Pink gives a young, warm, soft feel. If the pink lipstick, matching a dress of the same hue, can make your appearance of blooms of spring-like colors

④ Red gives a bright and bold feeling, so if you apply bright red lipstick, the people will be in high spirits and the passion.

⑤ Burgundy-Red is a color close to Brown. Rub the color of lipstick will look dignified, elegant, full of classic charm.

⑥ Orange passion red and bright yellow. Painted Orange lipstick will give the feeling of warm, active, very suitable for the young and lively girl.