How to choose the color of the lip liner

Dec 28, 2018

Usually the color of the lips will be dull, so the lip liner can cover the dull, and the lip looks more complete. The advantage of choosing a lip liner is that the lip liner has a longer lasting than the lip balm and is more cosmetically modified and concealed than lip gloss.

The lip liner is one of the essential cosmetics to make your lips more beautiful. But many girls' lip makeup is just using lipstick. Many girls with lip liners don't paint. Lip liners have a lot of colors. You can choose the right color to draw the perfect lip makeup.

First, choosing a lip liner based on the color of the lipstick will not cause an error. If you usually prefer to use dark lipstick, you can choose a lip liner that is close to the color of the lipstick. It is a little lighter, so it won't be abrupt. If you usually prefer to use light lipstick, use a lip liner to make your lips look more beautiful. You can choose a lip liner that is close to the color of your lips.

However, if you want to change the thickness of your lips, use a flesh-colored or orange lip liner to fit. The color is too dark or too bright. The lip liner should be carefully selected, such as coffee, bright red, etc., which will cause the lip makeup to be too dark and look uncoordinated.

The second is the texture of the lip liner:

You should choose a lip liner with a high oil content. This product is beautifully colored, the lines drawn are smooth, and the damage to the lips is less. When you buy a lip liner, try it on the back of your hand to see if the line is smooth and you don't want to break the line.

Hold the tip of your hand with your hand for a few minutes before using the lip liner. The temperature of the hand softens the lip liner so that the lines it draws are smoother and smoother. Draw the outline of the lips along the lip line. After the lip line is drawn, fill the rest with lipstick or lip gloss. This will ensure a longer lasting, rosy finish.

Is the lip liner only for the lip line? No. In fact, the lip liner is not only used to outline the lips, but also to brush the entire lips. Use a lip liner to draw the upper lip and apply lipstick. This lip makeup is bright and not easy to fall off.

The color of our lips will be darker, so the lip line can hide these shortcomings and make the lips look more beautiful. The advantage of the lip liner is that it is more durable than lipstick and better than the lip gloss and concealer. More importantly, the lip liner is easier to grasp.