How to choose the eyebrow pencil color? Four eyebrow colors are chosen by you

Oct 28, 2019

Do you know how to choose the color of the eyebrow pencil? Below I will bring you four eyebrow colors to choose from, let's take a look.

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What color of eyebrow pencil looks good in nature: dark coffee color

Dark coffee color is darker, but it is very suitable for girls with natural skin tone and dark skin tone. If you are black, dark brown, or burgundy, it is suitable for dark coffee.

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What color of eyebrow pencil looks good in nature: light coffee color

If you are yellowish in color, or if the color is yellow after dyeing, consider light brown, and light brown does not pick skin tone, any skin tone is suitable.

What color is good looking natural: light brown

Natural light brown and light coffee color may not be clear to some girls. Compared to light brown, it is not so yellow. It is suitable for girls with light hair color. If the skin color is white, it is better.

What color of eyebrow pencil looks good: gray coffee color

More natural than the black eyebrow pencil, it reduces the brownness compared to the coffee color. Grey-colored eyebrow pencil is recommended for girls with dark hair, gray, and black hair.