How to choose the lip liner that suits you?

In the lip makeup products, in addition to lipstick lip gloss lip gloss, there is also a useful makeup tool to help create a perfect lip shape. That is the lip liner.

It is generally believed that there are two advantages to using the lip liner to outline the lip contour. The first is to help create a perfect lip shape. The second is to prevent the lipstick from blooming. However, some masters believe that we use a lot now. Cosmetics, the quality is better, so there is no need to worry too much about the problem of fainting.

When buying a lip liner, we also need to remember that the color of the lip liner should match the color of the lips, and the color should be similar, so that it will not be too abrupt.

After the selection, we can try the color on the back of the hand and observe whether the painting is smooth. In the choice of color, dark brown and bright red are some less mainstream colors, we should avoid. If you are a fair-skinned beauty, it is recommended to choose a flesh-colored lip liner. Darker skin can choose dark brown. For bronze skin, it is suitable to use coral red.

In addition, I would like to remind you that when purchasing, we should also consider the softness and hardness of the pen, the level of income and the degree of skin tone. Buy your own beautiful lip liner.

In addition to being used alone, the lip liner can also be used with other lip makeup products, such as lip gloss. After sketching the ideal lip shape, apply lip gloss. In addition, we must tell you that dark lipstick with light lip gloss can show the three-dimensionality of the lip contour, while the dark lip liner and lip gloss will make the lip line and lips more prominent.