How to clean the eye shadow brush

Nov 30, 2018

Method 1: Dry powder cleaning method

Pour the appropriate amount of loose powder on the paper towel, swipe the brush back and forth over the loose powder, evenly spread the loose powder, and then bounce off the loose powder on the brush. Then brush it on a clean paper towel until the paper towel has no color, and the eye shadow brush is clean, but this method can only be regarded as first aid, and the eye shadow brush cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

Method 2: Cleansing wipes cleaning method

Prepare a make-up wipe, then wipe it back and forth on the wipe with a brush until there is no visible makeup residue. Then use your fingers to gently tidy up the bristles and air dry. This method is suitable for eye shadow brushes that usually take dry powder. The makeup remover wipes well to remove a layer of powdered cosmetics attached to the surface.

Method 3: Foam cleaning method

First apply the eye shadow brush to the eye shadow brush, then apply a proper amount of special brush for the makeup brush and gently scrub the brush head back and forth on the brush plate until the bristles return to their original color and rinse with running water. Then use a paper towel to damp the water, hang or tiling on a clean towel to dry.

Does the eye shadow brush need to be washed every time?

Brushes that usually take powdered cosmetics should be washed once a day in the case of daily use. Brushing too often will reduce the brushing power of the brush. However, if it is not washed for a long time, it will easily cause bacteria to germinate on both the brush and the cosmetics.

The brush that takes the liquid cream-like makeup is washed every time it is used. No matter what brush is used as the paste, it is best to wash it immediately. The creamy liquid product will make the bristles stick together and will not be cleaned in time. The next use will seriously affect the makeup.