How to do eyeliner makeup

Aug 29, 2018

The eyeliner pens produced by the eyeliner manufacturers are inevitably faint, and the following four tips are used to prevent eyeliner makeup!

Tip 1: Set the makeup to improve the eyeliner makeup in front of the eyeliner, use the puff to take the powder or loose powder, and carefully set the makeup in the eye. Also, in the position of the eyeliner inside the painting, the root of the eyelashes should also press the loose powder. The fixed makeup work is done, and the eyeliner is not easy to smudge makeup!

Tip 2: Superimpose eye shadow to improve eyeliner, make eyeliner, draw good eyeliner, use eyeliner brush to draw the same color eye shadow superimposed on the eye line, so that not only can blur the eyeliner edge, but also make the eyeliner more unsmooth!

Tip 3: Eye makeup department to improve the eyeliner makeup is better than the loose powder, powder makeup effect, eye oil cream will have better oil control effect ~ Apply a thin layer of eye before painting the eye makeup Make a primer, this eyeliner is not afraid of blooming!

Eyeliner manufacturers tell you that eyeliner does not smudge makeup skills four: change eyeliner products to improve eyeliner pen makeup many girls new eyeliner, they will choose eyeliner, but eyeliner is easy to smudge all eyeliner products . Therefore, I suggest you use eyeliner and eyeliner to draw the eyeliner. If you are not good at painting, you can try the eyeliner.