How to do the dry eyeliner liquid

Apr 03, 2018


1, How to do the dry liquid eyeliner? Eyeliner is well controlled to achieve a good eye makeup effect, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to dry, dry eyeliner to throw out is also a pity, the following will teach you eyeliner What do you do?

2, Eyeliner is relatively easy to dry, and some mm feel dry, add a little eye drops or make-up water. Because the eyeliner dries, so put the eyeliner brush with water, get wet, and then take a cotton pad to draw water, and then draw the eyeliner, so it is very good makeup ~ crush can try! If not, then consider Eyeliners add lotion or eye drops, do not add alcohol!

3, In fact, Xiao Bian also often encountered his own situation with several bottles of eyeliner. In fact, no matter what brand you buy, as long as the time passed 3 to 4 months or so will be dry, so as long as the use of contact To the air, plus the moisture of its own moisture, it will dry out, but if it takes only 3 to 4 months to throw it away, it is really wasteful, so Xiaobian is going to teach everyone today that I am How to remedy the loss of eyeliner.

4, Cover the liquid eyelid lid, placed in hot water bubble, and the general method of mascara, because the heat will dissolve, this is a way to let the eyeliner dry how to do and restore moisture, but also only temporary.

5. Add lotion or eye drops to the eyeliner solution. Do not add alcohol. Otherwise, the effect is not good. 

6. Close the lid of the eyeliner and put it in a hot water. This is the same method as the normal mascara. Will dissolve, it is also a way to make the eyeliner dry and restore moisture. There is also eyeliner that is easy to dry. I'll add some eye drops or lotion to it when I'm dry. Because the eyeliner dries out, put the eyeliner brush on water and get wet. Then take the cotton pad and draw it under the water. Then draw the eyeliner. This will make the makeup look good. If it doesn't work, then consider adding lotion or drops to the eyeliner. Eyes, do not add alcohol!