How to use eyebrow pencil

Apr 25, 2019

When you are struck, use the eyebrow brush to comb the messy eyebrows, then use the refill to outline the eyebrows. Just like the usual drawing, draw, fill
1 According to your own eyebrows, first draw the eyebrows, there must be a natural curvature at the eyebrows.
2 Use the sharp corner of the eyebrow pencil to draw the fill in the direction of the eyebrows. The intensity of the drawing must be kept shallow in the middle and deep in the middle.
3 draw the eyebrows with the wide face of the machete, and draw the eyebrows. The whole eyebrow looks more atomized.
4 Use the sharp corner of the eyebrow pencil to draw the brows in a simple direction. The lighter the more natural
There is also a very important thrush trick. Finally, brush it again and brush it again. It will be fine, so the eyebrows look soft and thick, not at all.
The exquisite eyebrows will illuminate the eyes with a sense of charm, and the whole person will be soaring.


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