How to use eyeliner

Before using the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, you can first rub the powder on the eyeliner to prevent the eyeliner from blooming, and also make the skin tone even. When using the waterproof eyeliner, you can use the same color eye shadow after drawing the eyeliner. Gently sweep a layer on the eyeliner to prevent eye makeup from getting rid of. After the eyeliner is drawn, use a cotton swab to sweep it at the end of the eye to make the eyeliner look more natural.
1. First, use the eyeliner to stick the eyeliner to the root of the eyelashes. Do not grind the tip of the eyelashes so that it does not irritate the eyelids. Move the eyeliner as slowly as possible to make the width of the lines consistent, and gently repeat the drawing in the same direction. natural.
2, take a brown eye shadow covered in the eye line just painted, and then up to "z" gradually fade.
3, the lines drawn by the eyeliner are not clear and smooth, and can be painted once again with eyeliner. After the brush draws the eyeliner, don't rush to draw on the eye immediately, first adjust the color evenly on the back of the hand.
4. Draw the eyeliner again with eyeliner to make the eyeliner more smooth and perfect.
5, open the upper eyelids to fill the gap between the eyelashes, so that the eyes are absolutely deep and big one
6. After painting the eyeliner, you can use the cotton swab to adjust the imperfect lines. Finally, the blooming is more natural.
Pay attention when drawing the eyeliner: the technique should be light, avoiding overweight, over-thickness and over-thick eyeliner. In addition, you can use the "gradual" drawing method to slowly draw the eyeliner.
In addition, when drawing eyeliner, avoid drawing the eyeliner and sketching the whole eye, which will give people a very unnatural feeling. Also, don't leave a gap between the eyeliner and the eyelid, which looks strange.