Injection molding machine

Aug 15, 2016

Injection molding machines injection molding machine or injector. It is a thermoplastic or thermoset plastic forming mold made of plastic in the shape of the main equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, electric. Function heating plastic injection and impose pressure on the molten plastic, which shot up the filled mold cavity.

Injection systems

Role of the injection system: injection system is a major part of the injection molding machine, piston, screw, screw-plunger plastic injection 3 main forms. Is currently the most widely used screw. Its role is, in a loop in the injection molding machine, within a specified time after a number of plastic heating plasticization, at a certain pressure and speed, the molten plastic into the mold cavity through the screw. Injection after the injections to melt in the cavity to maintain shape.