LIp liner pencil

There are the following notes:

1. The extent of outward expansion or inward contraction should preferably not exceed 1-1.5 mm of your original lip contour.

2. The color of the lip liner must be close to the lip's original color.

3. Too thin lips: Never use a lip pencil to paint the entire mouth.

4. Too thick lips: The corners of the mouth should draw a little more outward than the original corners of the mouth, not too much. This will make the overall line more natural and smooth.

5. Too Small Lips: The lips of lips are slightly expanded when the upper lip is stretched. The most critical is to extend the lower lip line; the oversized lip: The outline line should be drawn in and out.

Purchase edit

Lip pencil and lip color coordination

Experts recommend that consumers should pay attention to the choice of lip liner: First of all, the color should be matched with lipstick, similar to the criteria.

When you choose, try it on your back and see if the painting is smooth and not broken in the middle. Dark brown and bright red in the color choices are unpleasant colors and should be avoided as much as possible.

Experts suggest that in the future purchase should pay attention to the following factors: soft and hard pen quality, their own income levels and skin color and reconcile. Only by considering the above points can you really buy a pencil that is really affordable and suitable for you.

Choosing a lip liner [1] should choose a lip liner that is closer to the color of your lips than a lip liner that is similar to lipstick. Draw the lip line first, then use the lip liner to lightly paint the entire lip. So when your lip gloss fades after the color of your lipstick, there is no obvious difference between your lips and your lips.