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Lipstick is applied on the lips gives cosmetics beauty color and luster. In the form of rods, pencils and paste, but the most common is the rod. Mainly painted lips contour with pencil lipstick, is generally a red pen.

Lipstick must have properties are: clear colours, contour line not fuzzy; exterior color and paint color should be consistent colours outlasted unchanged; maintain luster over time, without wrinkle effect; sweating in the summer, no change, and maintain a pleasant look and so on. To achieve this effect, lipstick shall consist of various components fit into.   Such as stick lipstick formula is: titanium dioxide, Red 5%, 0.6%, Orange, No. 203, 1%, 0.6%, Candelilla wax, Red No. 223 9%, paraffin, beeswax 8% 5%, Brazil 5% carnauba wax, lanolin, 11%, castor oil 44.8%, nutmeg acid isopropyl ester 10%, some spices, antioxidants in moderation. Thus, making lipstick basic materials oil, grease and wax. Oil, high viscosity of castor oil with good adhesion, but in recent years to solve the problem of rancid smell, mostly used with castor oil structure similar to the oxidative stability of synthetic oil. Lipstick a good shrink malleable in order to gently draw, myristic acid isopropyl Tri-isostearate, glycerin, such as low-viscosity synthetic ester oils with high viscosity oil used. Wax, is to increase the melting point of the product, keep the rod-like shape. Using little Brazil carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, great hardness can be improved, making the surface more bright.   Lanolin and lanolin derivatives make oils and waxes are easy to mix, helps the dye dispersion, can be made from uniform color and very solid lipstick. Organic pigments for the colouring, e "Red No. 223", commonly referred to as eosin, the lip has a very strong dye. Using pigments or Lake made of lipstick applied colors come off easily, therefore, in order to better preserve the lip color, often both. Titanium dioxide to improve coverage of lipstick and hair color and use. If the amount when there are lipsticks hue difference made, but covering power and good brightness. Lipstick ladies cosmetics, some people apply every day, day after day, so Health Ministry gate to the lipstick production has developed strict standards for health testing, its toxicity, allergic, carcinogenic, such as conducting a number of tests to ensure user safety. In General, the swallow micro lipstick is unlikely to cause harm to the body. But, after all, lipstick pigments (pigment), whether it is organic or inorganic pigments, mostly useless to the human body, as experts pointed out, to your health, you should try to avoid lipstick into the belly.