Recommended purchase of cosmetic packaging

Dec 24, 2019

Cosmetic packaging is a kind of special container for consumer goods, especially for the cosmetics packaging of hair care, hair dye, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, bodybuilding, deodorization, sun protection, whitening, etc., which belongs to the cosmetics for special purposes. Consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing such products: first, they should purchase from formal channels. There are many ways to buy cosmetics, such as large and small shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores and other physical stores or e-commerce network platforms, as well as agency purchase. Consumers should choose stores or supermarkets with complete business licenses, fixed business places, legal websites and other businesses with quality assurance to purchase cosmetics. Second, buy regular products. Whether the product is normal depends on whether the package label instructions and other contents are complete. The name, manufacturer, production address, content of ingredients, production license number, production date, effective use period, approval number or filing number of domestic cosmetics shall be indicated. The imported cosmetics shall be marked with Chinese identification, country of origin, importer and address, production date and shelf life. Second, it depends on whether the product is legal. Domestic and imported products shall be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration with approval number. For example, if the color number of hair dye produced by the enterprise is different, the approval number of different products must be different. For non special cosmetics, imported products shall be filed with the State Food and drug administration, and domestic products shall be filed with the provincial food and drug administration. Consumers log in to the State Drug Administration.