Should I use concealer concealer or concealer?

Concealer pen is a kind of beauty tool used to cover the face. The final step of perfect makeup is to cover the pock marks on your face, slight sputum, etc., to make your face look flawless.

Concealer can be used as a foundation. The difference is that the concealer has better hiding power than the ordinary foundation, and it is more suitable for the skin, and it is not easy to remove makeup. Everyone's face will have such a flaw, using concealer can make your face reproduce smooth and meticulous. There are usually three types of concealers: liquid, paste and strip. Liquid and strip concealer have better hiding effect, but the makeup technique must be skilled; cream concealer has low hiding ability, but because of the refreshing texture, it is easy to create a natural makeup. In general, it is mostly solid, but the viscosity is different. You can choose large-area or partial products according to your needs.

  the difference:

1, with concealer can solve your problem, but just cover, say that the specific point is not covered but faded

2, concealer pen is for small areas of sputum, such as small acne;

3. Concealer is used when it needs to cover a large area. Because the concealer has strong hiding power and moisturizing, the concealer pen can hardly achieve this effect. But the concealer pen can make the concealer work more fine.


1. For the different parts, choose the most suitable concealer. If the skin is suitable for a moisturizing cream product, and for acne, freckles, etc., you should choose a concealer with strong hiding power.

2. Follow the order of first applying the foundation and then concealing, otherwise the foundation will spread the concealer and the effect will be greatly reduced.

3. The amount of use is moderate, otherwise excessive concealer will make the skin color unnatural. At the same time, after application, it should be pushed away quickly.

4. Use the fingertips to gently press the concealer evenly into the fine lines and the uneven spots. Do not apply with your fingers, otherwise the concealer will be wiped off.

After using the concealer, gently sweep the powder to not only fix the makeup, but also to isolate the dirty air from adhering to the thicker concealer to keep the makeup clean and fresh.