Such a good eyeliner, you must not be the last one to know

In interpersonal communication, the first impression always overlaps with a pivotal position. The first impression is often reflected in appearance, conversation, clothing, and manners.

Investigations have shown that when people meet for the first time, the focus of their attention will often be on the other person's eyes.

Therefore, a pair of good-looking eyes is especially critical.

It is able to convey friendly messages, and at the same time, it can also enhance each other's feelings in a social environment.

Seeing this, some friends may be confused.

My congenital eyes are smaller and the eye distance is wider, or my droopy eyes, single eyelids, and inner doubles are not obvious ... Is this world full of malice?

The role of eyeliner, I believe the sisters are very clear

As the saying goes, eyeliner is better than eye opening

In order to modify the defects of the eye shape, the key is to rely on eyeliner adjustment.

Eyes are not big

One eyeliner makes it easy