Suitable eyeliner has extra effect on makeup

Feb 03, 2021

For girls, colorful eye makeup always gives people the feeling of shining at the moment. Thin eyeliner seems insignificant, but it plays a great role. Eyeliner can make eyes deeper and more divine, and it is also a sharp tool to enlarge eyes.

Eyeliner can be divided into different types. Only by choosing the eyeliner that suits you according to your eye status and skin quality can you add to the icing on the cake.

The texture of eyeliner is very similar to that of eyebrow pencil, which is relatively dry and the color is not very ideal, so it is relatively more suitable for beginners and easier to operate. This kind of eyeliner is very suitable for nude makeup and light makeup. The thickness can be controlled by yourself, so it can draw a detailed layering, but the water resistance and makeup holding ability are general, so it is more suitable for dry skin.