The right color eye shadow

Aug 15, 2016

1, Brown: it is easy to color coordination, generous nature, not very exciting, but less error-prone, neutral-tone eye shadows.

2, pink: soft, no eyebrows, emphasizing the eyes bright and lovely, is bright-tone eye shadow, not for the eyes slightly puffy women.

3, Purple: mystery, can increase eye Mei tai, dignity, a sense of harsh, making skin more white women, color yellow and black caution, which belongs to the contrasting dark eye shadow.

4, Blue: an ornamental colors, just as a decoration, not for widespread use, is a contrast color colour surge eye shadow jump.

5, yellow: an ornamental colors, easier to apply, is a soft color bright eye shadow.

6, Green: young, energetic, fresh, suitable for small area of dots, jump-neutral-color eye shadow.

7, gray: to some extent, can be strong emphasis on changing the structure of the eye.

8, yellow-green and grey: eye and eye brushes a pale yellow-green eye shadow makes people feel uneasy and pregnant, end of eye touch of grey eyeshadow, Halo into a hazy shape in the Middle, fresh and full of youth.

9, blond and brown eye Brown on the head and tail brush the eye, eyelids Central is another gold and extends to the end of eye, make the icing.

10, earthy colors: very noble and very stylish and understated, very well matching clothes, on any occasion to try the color of eye shadow can do no wrong.