Tips for using lip liner

Sketching a lip shape is not a simple four-character word. You need to have a concept of a perfect lip shape that fits your face.

First look straight ahead in front of the mirror, the distance between the dark inner edges of the eyes is the overall width of the lips, and the position of the corners of the mouth can be determined.

The shape of the lips is modified according to the principle of symmetry.

For thick lips, or partially beyond the perfect lip shape, you need to use foundation and concealer products to cover the decoration, and then use the lip liner.


KEYPOINT 1 Paint the nib before the upper lip

It is a crucial step to draw lines on the back of your hand or paper towel before sketching the lip line.

Lip liners need to have good color-fixing properties. They are waxy and hard.

Draw a line in front of the upper lip to soften the nib, and at the same time observe whether the thickness of the line is appropriate. Even lip liners that have just been sharpened need to be painted and sharpened.

Many people don't know to do this little movement first, so they will feel that the lip liner is not easy to draw, especially in the freezing conditions, it is more difficult to control.

KEYPOINT 2 Fill and paint after finishing the outline

Many people think that lip liners are not easy to use because they can't eat their own lip shape, and they can't do it in one step.

In addition to determining the position of the lip peaks first, filling in the gaps can help you better shape your lips. Especially for people with thin lips and thick lips, filling can directly see the effect of lip modification, and can also prime the skin tone area, so that the subsequent use of lipstick will not show obvious color difference.

However, many people do not know this, thinking that the lip liner is only used to outline the outline.

KEYPOINT 3 different lipsticks in different colors

Today, lipsticks are rich in texture, with textures that completely cover the lip color, as well as translucent textures. Different textures also have different glosses such as matte, lacquer, water, and metal.

The texture and coverage of lipsticks need to be considered when pairing with a lip liner.

For full coverage lipsticks, it is best to choose a lip liner of the same color. Translucent lipsticks should be paired with a lighter color or a lip liner of similar color for naked lips.

Another tip is to choose a lighter lip liner when using dark lipsticks, and a darker lip liner when using lighter, especially nude lipsticks. This can make the lip makeup more three-dimensional.

So, having a lip liner is not enough.