Use the eyeliner to draw the correct way of using the eyeliner

1. The eyeliner is easy to use and can create a delicate and layered makeup. When drawing the eyeliner when using the eyeliner, it should be drawn at the root of the eyelash. If you wear a deeper eye shadow, then your eyeliner should also be drawn. Deeper than the eye shadow, this can make the eyes appear bigger and more radiant.

2. The position of the eyeliner should be determined before the eyeliner is drawn. It is generally positioned at one third of the end of the eye. Then use the pen to stick to the root of the eyelashes to draw. When you draw the tail, you can draw the eyeliner slightly, which makes the girl more feminine and more attractive.

3. Apply a layer of eye shadow to the area where the eyeliner is drawn. This will not only prevent the eyeliner from being painted, but also make the makeup look more delicate and fit.


1. When you draw the eyeliner, you can let the small finger pillar face or press it on the table to keep the body stable and balanced. This has the advantage of making our hands not easy to shake, and the eyeliner drawn is not easy to be inclined.

2, draw the eyeliner so as not to do it in one go, you can draw in 3 steps.

3, the liquid should not be so much as much as possible at once, so it can be easily smudged, and the eyeliner drawn will be very thick, not good-looking. You can use a cotton pad or paper towel to dipped your eyeliner before you paint, so you can avoid too much.