What are the advantages and disadvantages of eyeliner?

Mar 25, 2020


1. The tip of the eyeliner is relatively round and soft, the texture is soft, it is well colored, and it is easy to create a layered halo makeup.

2. The makeup lines are soft and natural. Suitable for girls who like light makeup or just need eyeliner and no eye shadow.

2. The shape of the drawing pencil is also easy to carry and grasp. Many novices will choose it.

3, more colors, many brands will produce a lot of different color eyeliners.

4. Better modification. If the painting is crooked or broken, it can be easily wiped off with a cotton swab.


1. Poor ability to process details. Because the pen is relatively round, it is difficult to draw extremely detailed eyeliner, and there is no way to draw the end of the eye sharper.

2. Some products are easy to stun in the morning, and it is easy to wipe off the fingers as soon as you rub your fingers. If you do n’t paint well, your eyes may look dirty.

3, the pen tip is easy to break, you need to continue to sharpen the pen to continue using.