What are the reasons for the different traits and characteristics of lip gloss and lipstick?

1. Lip gloss is a viscous liquid or thin body cream, rich in all kinds of highly moisturizing oils and glittering factors, containing less wax and color pigments. Bright and translucent, moisturizing and light; but easier to remove makeup.

Lipstick is a kind of lipstick and lip stick. It is a product that makes the lips rosy and lustrous, so as to moisturize, protect the lips, increase the facial beauty and correct the contour of the lips.

2. After the lip gloss is colored, the lips are moist and strong, and the lipstick is moisturizing, protecting and beautifying the lips.

3. Lip gloss is easy to remove, and lipstick is not easy to unload. The base of lipstick, oil, wax, softener, can make the lipstick solidify and last.