What are the techniques for eye makeup?

Sep 21, 2018

Select the eyelash curler that suits your eye shape and align the eyelash curler with the curvature of the eye so that the eyelash curler reaches the position that best fits the root of the eyelash. Do not worry about holding the eyelashes, otherwise the excessive force will make the eyelashes become quite unnatural. Apply lightly to the eyelash curler up 60 degrees. Apply the eyelash curler to 60 degrees and then apply a little force to raise the eyelash curler up to 90 degrees. Then put the eyelash curler in a pull-and-release manner, and pull it up and down to the end of the eyelashes. Finally, the end of the eye is tilted toward the eye, so that the eyelashes can be fully displayed, and then the eyelash curler is used to particularly reinforce the curl of the eyelashes. Use the spiral eyelash comb to smooth the upper and lower eyelashes first. The foundation can not be rubbed, but the mascara can not be painted, because this small mascara can make your eyes look forward to life, make you more warm and tender, is one of the indispensable cosmetics for beauty. There are still many beautiful people who have had a "panda eye" due to improper application of mascara. In fact, applying mascara is very skillful. The base cream should be taken in an appropriate amount and then sequentially added. The excess paste is first scraped off to adjust the optimum amount. The technique of applying the base cream is that the base portion (the root of the eyelashes) has a large amount of weight, so that it has a shaping effect. Then, apply the mascara cream upwards from the bottom to the top.


The key to eye makeup is to make good eye shadow

1, first with a light color base

Select a light-colored eye shadow that can be blended with your skin tone, color it at the folds of the eye, and from the middle of the eyelid to the end of the eye, then brush it from the direction of the eye socket to the end of the eye, brush it back and forth, if it is too thick, You can gently push your fingers, which will be more natural.

2, dark color key painting

The darker eye shadow is the focus of the entire eye makeup. The dark eye shadow that can be matched with the light color is slightly rubbed on the back of the hand to make the makeup more even, then apply it to the end of the eye, and From the outer corner of the eye to the eye socket, the radiation is evenly smudged. Do not reveal the obvious boundary between the dark and the light, so that the eyes can feel deep.

3, use pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten

After the overall eye makeup is finished, use a light-colored eye shadow with pearly or bright light, and gently wipe the area where the brow bone protrudes to add the contour of the overall eye.