What are the thrush skills?

Thrush has the following tips:

1, first determine the approximate location of the eyebrow

In the position of the eyebrows, use the eyebrow pencil to gently mark the "ヘ" shape as a mark. Gently draw in the vicinity of what you think is the eyebrows, and the position should not be very precise.

2, from the eyebrow to the direction of the eyebrows, draw a little bit

Draw the outer line along the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. The eyebrow pencil moves gently from inside to outside. Compared to a stroke, a little bit of rewriting is easier to draw.

3, link the upper edge line, draw the middle part

From the 1 cm from the brow to the position just marked, connect the upper edge of the eyebrows. Use the eyebrows as a skin, paint with a slightly stiffer stroke, and trim the eyebrows.

4, in the direction of the bridge of the nose, lightly apply the brow part

The color of the brow should be light and thin, and it should be drawn in the direction of the bridge of the nose. It is more natural to lightly hold the eyebrow pencil and draw it like a touch. People with thick brows themselves are not able to describe their brows.

5, clever use of the eyebrow brush, the outer edge line is blooming

Use the eyebrow brush to gently slide the edge line of the eyebrows along the direction from the brow, the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow. Do not use too much force, and the Buddha will completely disappear the line of the edge.

6, the color of the eyebrow pencil and the color of the eyebrows are integrated into one

Finally, the overall eyebrow color is even. Using the front end portion of the eyebrow brush, it is a trick to lift the hair root from the bottom to the bottom. At this time, the force must be light, do not get rid of the coloring.