What are the uses of eyebrow pencils?

1, thrush: eyebrows painted with brown eyebrow pencil is more natural and harmonious, can also determine the shade of the eyebrows according to the shade of the makeup surface; at the same time, the brown eyebrow pencil is more suitable for the eyebrow adjustment of the blue eyebrow after the failure of the tattoo.

2, nasal silhouette: After playing the background color, draw two vertical lines on both sides of the nose, determine the vertical line size according to the size of the bridge of the nose, and then use the middle finger to smudge open, you can form a natural nasal silhouette, thus highlighting the height of the bridge of the nose, so that The nasal bones look tall and straight.

3, eyeliner: For people with large eyes and prominent eyes, the black eyeliner will make the eyes look fierce, the choice of brown color is better, but those who have red eyes due to poor rest should not try.

4, eye shadow: draw a thick eyeliner above the upper eyeliner, use a cotton swab or finger to smudge to form a natural brown eye shadow.

5, lip line: brown lip line looks mature and steady, while the brown lip line is best to adjust the upper and lower asymmetrical lip shape.

6, lipstick: first use the brown eyebrow pencil to outline the thicker lip line, then apply a colorless lip balm, then the upper and lower lips, the natural skin color lipstick effect will be achieved.