What does a lip liner do?

1. Smooth lips skin

The lip liner contains a lot of wax, so when painting the lips, you can set a certain effect of contacting the lip lines, so that the overall skin of the lips is smoother and fuller, and then the lipstick is more uniformly colored, and it is not easy to get lip lines.

2. Extend the life of lip makeup

The most embarrassing situation when applying lipstick, especially brightly colored lipsticks, is that the color of the lipstick spreads out along the fine lines around the mouth. Applying a lip liner first will allow the subsequent lipstick / lip gloss to have a continuity surface and not to slip on the skin. Defining the boundary with the lip liner can also effectively prevent infrared diffusion of the mouth and avoid awkwardness.

3. Correct lipstick color

Because of the difference in lip color, lipsticks are painted in thousands of colors. Deep lip color can repeat the nude lip liner to make the subsequent lipstick closer to its original color; use a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick to make the lip makeup more saturated. Use different colors of lip liners and lipsticks to combine a variety of lip makeup.

4. Change the shape of the lips

If you have problems with lip lines that are not clear, lips that are not full, and lip shapes that are not good enough, then you must try a lip liner! The difference in the way you paint your lips can cause so much change in the shape of your lips. When you want to draw a special lip shape, you usually use a lip liner to outline the shape of your own lips.