What is the difference between lip gloss and lipstick?

Aug 15, 2016

Lipstick is the most original, the most common colours are generally solid, texture than lip gloss and lip gloss to dry and hard. Lipstick has become a modern women's cosmetics. In putting the right lipstick on lips can make a person seem extremely charming.

High color saturation, color, hiding power, and since it is a solid is not easy due to the deep lip lines and spills, and used it to modify a lip, lip color. However, frequent, abundant use of lip gloss will bring harm to health.

The scientists observed, ordinary man saw the woman 10 seconds 5 seconds on her lips, if she's wearing lipstick, he also will keep longer if it is pink lipstick, he will keep in 6.7 seconds, if it is red, he would look at 7.3 seconds.

This study is a United Kingdom University of Manchester scientists, about 50 men to see a different woman's eyes tracked the activity. When those women wearing lipstick, and their lips part time is 7 seconds on average, watching eyes time 0.95 seconds, 0.85 seconds see hair.

But when they're not wearing lipstick when they watched the lips of just 2.2 seconds, watches reached 2.97 seconds of eye, nose and 2.77 seconds. Full lips are considered to be attractive, but if cannot full lips with lipstick, attraction will increase 40%. Dr jiaofubidi, an expert involved in the research, said: "a woman's lips is one of the most attractive part of her body, especially when when her red lipstick on her lips. ”

Has a charm-lipped actress, anjilina·zhuli, and Scarlett Johansson, razor angsi·nuolisi, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Eva Mendes stars such as lips perfectly. So, if you want to attract a man's attention, don't even bother trying to decorate your hair and eyebrows, just give your lips and makeup is OK.

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