What is the difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner?

Oct 22, 2020

  Most of the time, if eyeliner can't be found temporarily, girls will replace it with eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner can also be eyebrow pencil, but in fact, the two are different. What is the difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner? Eyebrow Pencil texture is relatively hard, while eyeliner texture is relatively soft, it is best to distinguish it. Eyebrow Pencil is generally hard, and eyeliner is generally soft. If you use eyebrow pencil eyeliner, it may hurt your eyelids. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrows directly, this effect will also look rigid. It is better to scan eyebrow brush on eyebrow pencil first with eyebrow powder, and then brush it on eyebrows.

  The best way to draw eyebrows is to combine eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder.


Step 1: Use eyebrow pencil to outline an outline. Pay attention to the 3.1 Lines. Try to keep the nose of the eyebrow tail and eye on one line. This will be more natural. It shouldn't be too heavy for beginners to write.

Step 2: After drawing the outline, use eyebrow pencil to color the tail of the eyebrow. Pay attention to the intensity.

Step 3: prepare tri-color eyebrow powder, fill the eyebrows with the darkest color, be careful not to draw it to tip of the brow, and use light color to overdo it later.

Step 4: In the last step, use a light color in the middle to draw at tip of the brow, and use a brush to gently sweep.