What should I do if the Eye Liner Pencil is dry?

Sometimes in a hurry, after the Eye Liner Pencil is finished, without a lid, I am anxious to go out. The next time I want to use the eyeliner, I will find that the Eye Liner Pencil is a bit dry. Here are a few tips for everyone.
1. Shake the eyeliner hard
Generally speaking, there is a water supply tank in the middle of the eyeliner. When our eyeliner is used for a while, it will easily dry out and become clogged, which will result in no ink to draw the eyeliner. Therefore, if the little fairy feels that the eyeliner is dry or does not produce ink when using the eyeliner, shake the eyeliner hard. Through our powerful force, there is no dry ink in the eyeliner to make the blocking part smooth, so that the eyeliner can be drawn again.
2. Wet the tip
Eyeliner pens generally use the water supply tank in the eyeliner to supply ink to the tip to let us draw the eyeliner. However, because we usually draw the eyeliner after finishing the foundation, the pen tip is blocked because of long-term contact with cosmetics such as foundation, so even if the ink in the eyeliner is not dry, we can't draw the eyeliner. Come.
Therefore, at this time, we can use a lotion or makeup remover to wet the pen, clean the pen, and then scrub the pen with a cotton pad. In fact, it is similar to the usual makeup remover to remove the foundation sticking to the pen.
If it is not particularly sticky, it can be done with a lotion, but if it is serious, you can wash the pen with warm water.
First wash the tip of the eyeliner with warm water, then use a paper towel to blot the moisture of the eyeliner. Be sure to drain the water. After absorbing the water, shake it and draw it on our arm or paper. Try to draw as many times as possible, because the color will be lighter at the beginning, but it won't be more after a few paintings.
3. Add lotion or eye drops to the eyeliner
In general, eyeliner is relatively easy to dry. If you find that the eyeliner is dry, you can often add the right amount of lotion or drop into the eye drops. Then cover the lid tightly and shake it hard.
4. Soak the eyeliner in warm water
First tighten the eyeliner cover, then put the eyeliner into a small bag and put it in warm water for about an hour. However, this method can only maintain the effect of a relatively short time, it will not be a while, the eyeliner will dry again.