What's the complete sequence of putting on makeup?

Jul 02, 2018

  The next step is to perfect your complexion with foundation and under eye concealor. You'll want to take your time and blend, blend, blend for the most natural result. A lot of makeup artists recommend against using powder but I disagree with them. Powder will set the makeup, so apply it now with a puff and then brush away the excess with a big brush.

  Now it's time to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you're into countouring, this is the moment to use darker shade below the cheekbones, under the jaw, at the hairline and along the side of the nose. If that's too much for you to deal with, simply move on to doing your lips.

  I like to use a lip stain first and then go over it right away with a pencil. Depending on my mood I will either top it off with gloss or lipstick. Now my lips are done.

  All that's left is eyes. I start with the eyebrows, using a pencil and then powder to give them shape and definition. I use a peachy shimmer tone eyeshadow under the brows as a highlighter. Then I line my eyes with pencil and go right over it with a medium tone eyeshadow. I use that same shade to define the socket and then I highlight the center of the lid with a lighter, shimmery shade. I apply mascara and often a liquid liner to the upper lash for more definition/drama.

  I finish by putting a bright shimmer tone just in the inside corner of the eye as a natural looking highlight, and I often will use a highlighter stick to add shape to my upper cheekbones. I pat and blend everything with my fingertips in a gentle tapping motion.

  Viola, done! It sounds like a lot but it really just takes 15 minutes and lasts the entire day.