Which one are more suitable for eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder?

May 29, 2020

eyebrow pencil:

The eyebrow shape is incomplete and relatively sparse. You can choose an eyebrow pencil, because the eyebrow pencil is easier to outline the line, and it can also outline the outline clearly.

Disadvantages: The eyebrow pencil contains wax, which makes it easy to remove makeup in a warm and overlapping environment!

Eyebrow powder:

For people with complete and thick eyebrows, it is recommended to choose eyebrow powder! Eyebrow powder can make the eyebrows look softer, and you can put the gap between the eyebrows to modify the shape of the eyebrows and the eyebrow pencil.

Disadvantages: bad painting, easy to look heavy! Like Crayon Shin-chan ~