Why do you need to customize in advance for the purchase of extremely fine pencil tubes

Dec 24, 2019

            First of all, for the production of a cosmetic product, the delivery period includes the production period of packaging materials, emulsification production of raw materials and packaging period of finished products. It refers to the packaging materials other than the raw materials of the products, such as bottles and boxes for the production of water cream products, and the products of facial mask sticking are the film cloth, the facial mask bag and the box, etc.; the production period of different types of packaging materials or different materials is also different, and the production period of general packaging materials varies from 12 days to 30 days. In addition, whether the selected packaging materials are in stock or not is also related. The delivery period of the packaging materials in stock is relatively short. It only needs to add related technologies such as silk screen logo, etc., and if there is no spot, it needs to place a separate order for production. As the packaging materials are generally produced by the packaging material manufacturer cooperated by the cosmetics factory, the production period of the packaging materials is controlled by the packaging material manufacturer's supplier, and the extremely fine pencil tube is mainly responsible for the production and packaging links after the packaging materials arrive at the end, the conventional production period of the cosmetics factory is 7-15 days after the packaging materials arrive at the end.