Working principle of injection molding machine

Injection molding machine works similar to the syringes for injections, it is by means of screw (or plunger) of thrust, will have good melting of plastic (that is, sticky fluid) good plastic injection into the closed cavity, solidify and acquired a product process.

Injection molding is a cyclical process, each cycle includes: quantitative feeding-pressure melting plastic-injection-molding cooling-Kai model pickup. Remove the plastic part then shut, for the next cycle.

Injection molding machine operation project: injection molding machine operations include control keyboard, electric and hydraulic control system operation system operation in three aspects. Injection respectively, feeding, injection pressure, injection speed, ejection type choice, of barrel temperature monitoring and regulation of injection pressure and back pressure.

General screw Rod type injection machine of forming process process is: first will granular or powder plastic joined machine tube within, and through screw rod of rotating and machine tube outside wall heating makes plastic became melting State, then machine for collection die and injection seat Qian moved, makes nozzle snap mold of poured mouth road, then to injection cylinder pass into pressure oil, makes screw Rod forward advance, to to is high of pressure and more fast of speed will melt material injected temperature lower of closed mold within, after must time and pressure keep (and said insurance pressure), and cooling, makes its curing forming, Mold removal products (packing is designed to prevent the melt cavity of reflux, added to the cavity material, and ensure that products have a certain density and size tolerances). Injection molding plasticizing, injection and molding are the basic requirements. Plastic is the precondition and guarantee the quality of products, and to meet the requirements of forming, injection must ensure that there is enough pressure and speed. Also, due to the high injection pressure, and produces a high pressure in the cavity (cavity pressure is generally between 20~45MPa), so it must be sufficient clamping force. This shows that the injection device and clamping devices are key components of the injection molding machine.