Shaping Lip Liner Pencil

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 A plummy hue with a hint of brown, that will have you telling sweet nothings all night long. This shade was crafted by the angels above to create a color so rich that offers the ultimate impression of fuller lips worthy of the makeup Gods.
LONG LASTING MATTE LIP LINER. With both a creamy and velvety texture, our matte liner is essential for a look that will last. This new waterproof pencil will give you plenty of fierce looks to create with over twenty richly-pigmented shades.
EASY TO APPLY, QUICK TO DRY. This pencil provides the ultimate precision to glide on with ease and dries to a touch ever so smooth that’s sure to not smudge.
HYPER-PIGMENTED FORMULA. Be bold and daring, or sweet and classic. Lime Crime formulas have extreme color pigmentation, so that you can live unapologetically, with the freedom to be you.

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